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Golden Wings – Barn Owl Book

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New free online children’s book ‘Golden Wings’ A tale about an Irish Barn Owl’. With wonderful text by Susan O’Donohoe. Follows the journey of a female Barn Owl from hatching to starting her own family, and all her encounters and experiences in between. The reader views the world through the eyes of ‘Golden Wings’, which provides a unique understanding of the lives of Barn Owls and the challenges they face in the modern Irish countryside.

This book was produced by BirdWatch Ireland and Galway County Council as an action of the Galway County Heritage and Biodiversity Plan 2017-2022, and the Galway County Culture and Creativity Strategy 2018-2022. This initiative was funded by Creative Ireland and Galway County Council. ©2020. All rights reserved.

Author: Susan O’Donohoe
Facebook: Susans Wild World

Illustrator: Robert Vaughan
Facebook: Irishbirdart @robertvaughanillustrations
Twitter: @robertvaughani1

Graphic Designer: Sara Sirtoli
Instagram: @diademadisara_design
Facebook: Diademadisara Design

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