Singing Bird Prints

Limited Edition

SINGING BIRD PRINTS_robertvaughanillustrations

Corn Bunting – Emberiza calandra | SINGING BIRD PRINT
Limited Edition – Made & Produced in Ireland

An Innovative Project

Discover our new and innovative project that combines art, bird song and technology, and offers you a very different learning experience than previously possible.

Combining the artwork of Robert Vaughan, the graphic design of Sara Sirtoli and the sound recordings of Seán Ronayne, we aim to produce a range of limited edition singing prints showcasing some of Irelands vanishing birds.

Bird populations are in a constant state of flux. Some birds adapt quickly to exploit any changes, while others simply can’t adapt fast enough to survive rapidly changing landscapes. The idea behind this project is to record some of these species, which are in serious danger of disappearing forever, to hopefully draw attention to them, highlight the reasons for their decline and engage with a public who may never have heard these birds before. The loss of these iconic and atmospheric sounds will make our world a little less wild and magical.

By purchasing the print you will have exclusive access to special extra content, but also to the soundtrack which allows you to listen to the particular and magnificent song of the species brilliantly painted and represented on the print.



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Limited Edition Certificate

SINGING BIRD PRINTS_robertvaughanillustrations

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